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My Stage 1 Up Grades

After reading many posts on here with tons of great information, It was time to make some mods!
I went with Rinehart pipes, A/C and HD tune, dyno run. I was not really sure what to expect but boy was I surprised, She idles a heck of alot better and throttle responce has greatly improved. I was not aware of how crappy it was running stock! I only had a 10 mile run home last night but can tell it has changed the overall performance of the bike from low end to top end cruise speeds.
Here is a photo of how she looks now. And sounds a heck of alot better!


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You should see quite a difference after what you added over the factory lean settings. IMO they should all be tuned like that before delivery.

It makes the smile factor increase by about 100%
Right on Glider! You are 150% correct, its amazing!
I guess this is the way for them to make more $$ on the back end...
IMO they would sell more bikes if they came off the truck like this. :s
I am 100% happy with doing this and would recomend to all. You have no clue what is really between your legs!:D