My Scavenger Oil Change

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Dr. Dolittle, May 3, 2011.

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    Might be worth reviewing this old thread to refresh your memory:

    Scavenger Oil Change Questions - Harley Davidson Community

    I used a bit of my Christmas $$$ several months ago and bought myself the Rogue Chopper Scavenger Oil Change system. Needed to change all my fluids to finish up the 20,000 mile service so I got to try my new "toy" this morning. Here's some of my observations:

    1. Removing the pipe plug next to the oil pan drain plug was no big deal thankfully. I had practically worked myself into a frenzy worrying about cracking my engine block or something equally horrible while messing with this plug. I finally told myself that if it didn't come out with just moderate force, I would put the whole kit on a shelf and not use it - no way was I getting out my breaker bar for this application! Well, it came out with the same amount of force it took to remove the other drain plugs. Reinstalling, you have to be careful because it's pretty short and I can see a distinct possibility of getting it cross threaded. I also torqued it to the low end of the recommended range to be on the safe side.

    2. I know it's just me but it was a really weird feeling cranking the bike up knowing that I'd just drained the oil pan! Gotta have a lot of faith in the engineers who designed this thing!

    3. Some have said they got out only 6 oz or so of dirty oil. Some have said more. The instructions say to run a quart and a half through. I decided since it was my first time doing it I'd use 2 quarts. Man, that stuff ran dirty until that last half quart went through! It'll be interesting to see how the next oil change compares.

    4. Overall, it added 30 minutes and 2 quarts of oil to the procedure. I'm sure with subsequent changes the time will come down but I don't really care. To me, both of those are a small price to pay to know that my motor is now purring along with a pan full of pristine, clean oil!
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    I just thought of one more issue I'd like some input on.

    As I was pumping the first quart of Mobil 1 through the motor to scavenge, it dawned on me how expensive the stuff was that I was flushing through the motor and straight out into the drain pan. For the second quart, I just grabbed an unopened bottle of dino oil I still had and used that. Afterwards, I started worrying that I had now left a tiny amount of dino oil in the motor to mix with all that expensive Mobil 1 I refilled with.

    Which does everyone think is worse. Mixing a tiny amount of clean dino oil with the new syn oil, or not using the scavenge system and mixing a tiny amount of dirty syn oil with the clean syn oil? Of course then I remembered that when we first switch over to syn oil, we're always mixing a bit of the old dino oil with the new syn oil, right?

    I'll wait and read some opinions before I reveal where I stand on this!
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    The dino oil and syn oil will mix with no problems and the amount of dino oil will not make a difference when using the syn oil. I wouldn't worry about it.
    I just used the extra quart of syn to do my softail because I wanted to sleep well at night :D
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    I use an extra quart of Mobil 1 to do my softail. Dino oil would work also but I never have any. Bought 3 cases of Mobil 1 when on sale for $7.50 so I don't think about the added cost. Oil is cheap compared to Harley parts.
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    On my 09 Deluxe I change the oil with 4 quarts of Spectro and have about 1/2 qt. left. I don't use the puck and instead drain the oil and refill oil tank. Start engine and run for 15-20 seconds with the return line going into an empty jug. Shut it off and change oil filter and then restart and run until clean oil come out of line. Shut engine off, reconnect return line and top off oil. Works great and not much wasted oil. I sure wish Harley had engineered their oil filter location better. Whoever designed this should spend his afterlife having hot oil drip on his head. I know there are all sorts of gizmos out there for diverting this oil and I do use one I made but it is still ridiculous.
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    I saw a way to do this with a two liter bottle but can not seem to find it at this time but I will post it when I come acrossed it.
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    I just bought the Rogue Chopper Oil Scavanger kit as well and changed the oil last night. Great little invention.

    A little extra clean up, didn't think the "puck" held oil, either way nothing a few extra shop towels didn't take care of and having all the old oil out of the engine is very nice.

    It is worth the cost and will pay for itself for sure.
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    just my opinion, yours may vary, but --- there is absolutely NO WAY I would use expensive Mobil 1 or any synthetic oil ($$$) just to use as a scavenger oil and pour down the drain - that seems to me to be a huge waste when any oil would work!

    sorta like oiling up your chain saw chain with brand new Mobil 1 - why? Now, if you would like, I suppose you could use the OLD Mobil 1 you just drained out as a scavenger oil. But to each his own - it's just money.