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    So I thought I’d tell you all my S&S story for anyone who cares to listen.
    I was only about 11 years old when my father purchased a farm in southwest Wisconsin.
    I never knew anything about S&S until I heard what sounded like a drag strip from across the hills. Dad says its just S&S testing out there Harley stuff on there landing strip. Many years later I owned a 72 Superglide and decide to move up to the farm and work there. Being young and stupid I managed to bend one of my pushrods. Well low and behold, one day I get a knock on my door and it’s a neighbor asking if he could cut through my farm with his crops. After introductions and small talk I learn that his full time job is as a tech at S&S. I tell him of my pushrod problem and a few other things and he says he can help me out. He put together a package of parts for me and I just needed to stop by the S&S factory to pay for them. My bike had a two barrel Weber carb on it, and even though it ran, it was a bit extreme. He meet me there and said
    “ Here is a set of light weight push rods, but you need these solid lifters to go with them. But those will be a bit noisy so here is a mild street cam to help that. You might as well put in these high performance valve springs while your at it. Now for that carb, I pulled a few reject parts for you and put together this Super B, just some minor flaws that wont effect it. This ought to make her run pretty good”.
    I walked back out to the office and paid Marge Smith maybe all of a hundred and fifty bucks. (George had passed away by that time)
    He was right, she ran pretty good. That old 1200 was blowing away Sportsters, and Lord knows what the top end was.
    My folks farm has been sold and we moved away but I still have a nephew that works at the S&S plant in Viola, And to this day I’ll still say that S&S is a darn good company and they know how to make a Harley go faster.

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    Agree, S&S makes tough, reliable stuff. Go fast is good, but go a long time is even better!
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    I really liked the story. Too often we think of these companys as faceless entitys only out to mass produce products and take our money. It's hard to plunk down you hard earned cash for what someone you barley know "assures" you will work. But stories like yours remind us that there are actual people out there testing and trying to make the best products they can to keep you "the consumer" happy and coming back for more. I have delt with S&S before and it has been a pleasant expirence.
    Thanks for sharing Bro