My Nightster is corroding away! Help Me

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Shift73, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Shift73

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    hey guys..
    I have fallen in love with my Nightster...
    Added V&H short shots, Screaming Eagle stage 1 air cleaner and Screaming Eagle Race Tuner... Damn!!! Hold On..
    I have now added forward controls and flat drag bars... Tough stance and ready to go...
    Love it...
    I have a question... I got stuck in about 20min of rain riding one day... i got home and gave her a good wipe down... two weeks later I have corrosion on all my bolt heads, rust at the base of my spokes, and my whole rear drive wheel is also corroded..
    This isn't cool... The bike has done 1400km and has just gone in for its first service.. I asked for it to be checked and repaired/replaced and the answer I got was that "environmental damage" is not covered by warranty..
    What do I do???
  2. glider

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    I agree with blowing it dry and try when you wash it to use a wash and wax product like made for cars. There's no substitute for keeping the elements off the bike and drying it when it's wet to keep it looking new.

    The blower dries with warm air.

    Motorcycle Blow Dryer - Harley Davidson Community
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    Do you have a Lemon Law where you live? did you buy the bike new? if you have a lemon law look into it. The MoCo will try to deny your warranty claim we all know this. Call an attorney that specializes in this that is gonna be the only way the stealer and the MoCo listen to you is through an attorney. You don't have to take this, nobody does. "two year unlimited mileage warranty"

    The bike should be waterproof. I can't believe all I have read on the forum concerning corroded bikes and parts. What if you don't have a garage? Does Harley expect every motorcycle owner to have a climate controlled garage?

    REMEMBER THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. I would hire and attorney I am sure that the MoCo will start to listen when they think they have to go to court. Take tons of pictures of the rust