My new 2014 Street Glide Special

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Vegas Sam, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Vegas Sam

    Vegas Sam Member

    I picked up my new FLHXS about a week ago but wasn't able to ride until this weekend.

    I had the front end lowered by 1", and had chrome front forks covers installed at the same time. Rear of bike is lower from factory. It's black with a black painted inter-fairing, looks great. I like the vent below the windshield, it does cut down on buffering but doesn't eliminate it completely, works for me. Will post photos as soon as possible.

    Wow, what a sweet ride! More power, navigation is a big plus, boom audio is very clear at highway speeds. HD describes the Special as it's hotrod version of the Street Glide.

    Feels and rides much better than my 2011 SG. Adjustable shocks are superior to my old air shocks.

    I can't wait for a road trip which I won't be able to do until March due to office workload. I should be able to get in weekend rides weather permitting in the meantime.
  2. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Congrats on the new steed. May you make many miles of smiles upon it....:s
  3. NOVA Rider

    NOVA Rider Member

    Congrats. Those bikes look great.
  4. tourbox

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    Enjoy the new ride.
  5. rootbeerfatboy

    rootbeerfatboy Member

    congrats. I just got one too this week. Ive noticed that these bikes shake a lot at idle and during deacceleration. Are you noticing this too? Had an 08 fatboy and didn't do this. dealer says its because the motor is rubber mounted.
  6. Vegas Sam

    Vegas Sam Member

    rootbeerfatboy, I haven't noticed excessive shake it seems to be about the same as my 2011 SG. A good friend had a 2003 fatboy that was very smooth compared to his previous bike, maybe it's the fatboys that seem to be smoother than other models.
  7. DarinDan

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    For the SG the engine is mounted different and you will have vibration at idle. The softails have a counterbalanced engine which when you are sitting idle it is smooth as butter. I went from a dyna to the softail and the engine comfort is different. On your touring models once your not at idle it should be smooth.