My birthday present to me

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tourglider, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. tourglider

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    turned 71 this month so I bought me a nice 1975 flh trouble head. 18000 miles but it has been stored the last 4 yrs and is somewhat neglected. This will be a great winter project. Nothing left to do on the 95 fltcu-i except ride and wash it. First project change all fluids. Remove and flush oil tank. It has never been off and now I know why. I will still flush oil tank but sure won't remove it. I will splice the lower oiil line and cap it that way. They used pinch clamps on the lines and you can't even see it much less cut it. It's going to be fun and can't wait to hear it run. Did they come with streight fish tails from Harley or are they an add. Also has chrome front fender.
  2. LarryC08

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    Sound like an awesome bike and winter project. If your like the rest of us you'll have it running in a couple of weeks (just got to hear it), just make sure you give a good going over before you but it on the street, cuz why was it parked for 4 years!! About the pipes, I think there aftermarket but your on the right forum because some one on here will know.. Anyway good luck with your new ride and post some pictures for all to see...

    Take care and ride safe eh!!:D
  3. Iceman24

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    Awesome project to take on. My wife wouldn't let me take over the garage very long so, for now, gotta stick to the newer scoots. Post some pics of that bad boy when you get a chance...
  4. Subby

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    Don't ya just love those project bikes? Don't have any of my own as I tend to stick with the newer models (/09 Ultra) but I do enjoy working with my son on his. A couple of years ago we made his /75 Iron Head into a hard tail bobber (he still rides it) and now that the insurance company is writing off his /80 Shovelhead we'll be working on whatever he gets next. These things keep old guys like me alive!
  5. glyd-n

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    Sounds like something you'll get alot of enjoyment from. Be sure to post some pics of the progress.:s
  6. Z-Man747200

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    Happy B'Day Young Man! Enjoy the project.
  7. DakotaRob

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    Congrats, that is awesome! My dad is the same age as you, and he keeps talking about buying back his 87 Softail he sold ten years ago. The guy still has it, and has only put a few miles on it, so he figures it might need a little TLC, which dad can handle easily over the winter. I'm encouraging him to go for it! :s
  8. Jack Klarich

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    LOL, thought I was the only one to call them trouble heads, really not a bad machine :s
  9. tumma

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    Way to go! Sounds like you are going to have some fun. It is nice to see no matter what age you are HD is still in the blood.Happy birthday and lots of luck.:D
  10. tourglider

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    Dakotarob tell your dad I said go for it. I have been working on one bike or another during Wisconsin winters for about 5 years now and I'll tell you I aint had this much fun since the pigs ate my little brother. Gives you some thing to get up for and will sure keep your mind moving. I will post some pics when I get it back together and run it. Dont know how far the restoration will go right now but It will be at the harley museum for bike night. I live about 60 miles from the museum and am a member.