My 2002 95" FXDX

Discussion in 'Dyno Runs' started by Brutal FXDX, Nov 2, 2010.

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    95 " Twin Cam stock 4.0" stroke 3 7/8 bore
    S.E. non ported HTCC Cyl Heads
    S.E high HTCC pistons 10.5:1
    S.E 257 cams
    S.E. Adj Pushrods
    S.E. Hydraulic tensioner conversion W/ hi flo oil pump
    S.E. ignition
    Mikuni HSR 42 Carb
    Thunderheader 2-1
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    Nice but remember that this A/F ratio plot was taken under wide open throttle and not at partial cruise. BIG difference. You are WAY too lean from 3500 RPM to red line. If I was you I would fatten up the mixture by at least 1.5 ratio points. And expect to see more power from doing it!