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my 07 nightster w/ 12in mini apes

I'm thinking about getting higher apes, the minis are cool but I'm thinking about going for like 12"ers, but then I would definitely have to get all new cables, which would suck...
sorry i havnt beed around. alot of work and when im not working im riding!
my bars are the hd 12'' apes. the only cable i replaced was my brake line. i just re routed all the wriring and cable around my trees instead of threw them.
the only problem i have is my clutch cable is alittle tight. i had to readjust it but i probably should replace it. actually i going to change my bars again to some NASH midget apes 14". there are three other nightsters in my area and two others plus the new one in the dealer w/ apes. thankfully all the others are different colors. thanks for all the comments on my scoot. id get some new pics but its always dirty from ridding everyday.:D
did you say you didn't have to change any cables to run the Minis??? They say you have to??? Would do it tomorrow they want 500 bucks to do it at the dealer
I have Mini HD Apes on my 07 Nightster. Didi not have to change cables. Clutch is a little tight, but can be re routed to ease some of the tension. The front brake line can be used if you take care to straighten out some of the metal tubing. Throttle - again reroute and you are good. I did go back and change the brake line to non HD stainless as you get much more brake than with rubber hose. It really can be done.:D