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    Hello Everyone, chased the front wheel today for the first time this season, man what a feeling:D Recieved Mustang one piece touring seat (item#75466) that i ordered last week, installed on bike and right away i didnt like it, raised me up about 2 inches and pushed me forward on top of tank (02 roadking) called place i ordered from and the guy said i should have talked to him, said that 90% of roadking riders who order this seat had same complaints and sent seat back. Anyone out there had this problem? if i send back for refund, 20% restocking fee, if i send for exchange, 10% restocking fee. trying to talk me into a exchange for Mustang two piece solo/passenger seat (item#75578/#75579) (West End Motorsports) anybody ride with the solo seat? anybody have the problem with the touring seat? anyway u look at it, im gonna lose money:newsmile08:
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    I have the two peice on my 02 RK. The bike is lowered front and back and I am vertically challenged (5'6" ) I love my seat, it does raise me back up but I can ride for 3-4 hours before my old bones need a rest. I do not feel like I am up on the tank, I have plenty of room. Why don't you try E-Bay and see if you can get more of your money back.
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    I had the one piece Tourer Mustang Seat #75486 on my 06 Roadking Classic and had no problem with a height change or closeness to the tank. When I ordered it from Mustang they asked my height and recommended this seat. Call Mustang and talk to one of their customer service reps. They will tell you the right seat part number for your size and ride. The seat still looks like new after about 20k miles. It is in my garage waiting for a buddy to pick it up for his 03 RC. Good luck.
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    I have an 02 Road King myself. It has a HD Sundowner single piece 2-up seat, but not the stock one. Overall, I like the seat, so I thought I'd buy the solo Sundowner with the separate pillion - I like the look of a solo seat on the bike. I thought the dimensions were similar for the seat, but the riding position changed pretty much as described earlier - up and forward. I'm 6'5", so up doesn't bother me, but I didn't care for moving forward. The SO didn't care for the passenger pillion either. I'm back to the seat that came with the bike, and I now own as many seats for my Harley as I do shoes for my feet.
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    I agree with calling Mustang. I bought a seat from Mustang directly, a couple of years ago. They had a satisfaction guarantee. I kept it for a week, rode it for a couple of hundred miles and did not like it. I called them and they let me send it back for a full refund, less shipping. Now that is customer service!!!:bigsmiley11:
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    I got one direct from Mustang three or four years back. My wife did not like it so back it went. No problems.
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    I have an 09 FLHX and I have the same issue with the Regal seat #76036 it raises me up and onto the tank. I don't like it. I originally bought the two piece seat but the gf said she liked the factory seat better so I called the company that sells Mustang seats and seat products at shows (who isn't mustang....) and they allowed me to exchange the two piece seat for the one piece but I'm still not happy with this one. I have the factory seat back on it.
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    I loved my 2 up vintage on my super glide. I think you would like the Mustang product when you get the right one. Maybe talk to that guy that suggested talk to him. I sold my mustang seat on ebay. New: $350 sold used $225 1 year later in "like new" condition. Maybe think about that 10% restock fee and get the one that's right for you. 10% is better than what I ended up with.
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    Just wondering if you are still running the stock RK bars...I have the Mustang once piece on my '04 RK and at first I did not like it...then I put a set of heritage bars on and it all came together,the bars really changed my riding position,it got me back off the tank.That was 6yrs ago and the seat is just as comfortable as day one.The Mustang seat does sit you up higher,if like that down into the bike feel when you sit on it,a Mustang is not for you...check Corbin...$$$...or a HD Sundowner
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    If you are otherwise happy with the seat, do some thread searching for Mean City Cycles. There are a lot of positive comments from people having their seats modified. And the cost is probably less than the 20% restocking fee!