Mustang seats, Tank bibs

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    I am looking at a mustang seat from "" . It looks to be the exact same seat as on mustangs websight even the model number, for less money. Anyone have any comments on this websight??
    Second Q..looking at a tank bib with chrome studs, do these hold the flat shape? or do they curl and wrinkle. Do they scratch the tank??
    Thanks for your wisdom and advice... Steve
  2. Iceman24

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    Never heard of this website, but looks like they're new (copyright = 2012). As with all internet sites - use proper precautions & keep documentation. I have "virtual" credit card #'s so they're only good once & expire in 30-days (Citibank benefit) + all my purchases are covered by default insurance so if something goes wrong I still get refunded. One place I learned about here & they're probably "the best" aftermarket dealer I've worked with is M&M Cycles...might want to give them a try...M&M Cycles - Home of Mom and Pop

    If they don't have it - they can get it...great people.

    As far as tank bibs...don't bother. Anly little piece of grit/grime gets under & tank's scratched + leaves fade line over time from outside exposure. Some riders use/like them...I'm not one of them.

    Good luck!
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    Have purchased used Mustangs before on Ebay and new one's from JP cycles. As some posts have mentioned, be certain of the site before you hand out credit card info, etc.. Prices vary. Sometimes patience is the way to go. Check around. Good luck