Mustang seat


This is my first post on the Sportster forum.
Any one have the Mustang Vintage or Studded solo seat
12 1/2" wide, if so how do you like it? I have been looking at the wide Mustang solo 15" in width but some have said they look a bit to big on a Sportster. So if the 12 1/2" is comfortable, I would like to go that way for the looks of the bike. I'm 5' 10" about 190 lbs....Thanks
I looked at the Mustangs and (1) thought they looked a bit bulky, and (2) heard several quality control problems, e.g, seats mounted at a slight angle.

I ended up with a Corbin Dual Touring and love it! It's firm, but very comfortable. I'm fine after 100 miles in the saddle...and could go a lot further.
Don't know if it was me that you heard about the mustang seats from sharky but I ordered 2 of them and they were not straight on the bike. The mount tab was about an inch to one side. I returned them both and bought a corbin, much better seat.

You must have a different stock butt than the rest of us if you fine the HD seats comfortable.:D

Regarding Corbin customer service, I did have a hard time getting past the answering machine (they were swamped right after Daytona), but once I got through they were courteous and had my things shipped the same day. I called back to check on delivery and got prompt answers. I used the Florida facility.
With the stock seat, I'm good for about 40 miles, then it feels like a pice of wood. I had a Sundowner on my last Harley and that was great, but I want to go solo on this bike.
I know the 15" wide Mustang looks bulky, thats why I'm looking in to the 12 1/2" Mustang.
I find the talk of bad Quality on the Mustang seat very interesting. I have never heard that befor. Good thing I have time to keep looking in to this...Thanks.