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Mustang Daytripper Seat


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Does anyone have experience/opinions re: the Mustang Daytripper Seat on a Sporty? After 100 miles in the stock saddle today, I'm exploring options. Ouch! :cry
Lots of people like the Mustang seats, I had nothing but bad experiences with them and the quality control was horrible, 3 seats the same that were made cocked off to one side by an inch. I went to a Corbin and was very pleased.
I've had two mustangs, both great seats, I bought a saddleman and had the cocked off to one side issue. corbin has always been the best.
I just answered a similar question in another forum...

...I think Mustang's can be somewhat comfy (too soft for me, I prefer a firmer seat.) but the vinyl cover can tare easily with mild abuse, like wearing a chain, and is prone to weathering.

Corbin's have always worked for me, and the leather seating area hold strong against weather, and my wallet chains!