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    Hey guys or gals, I have a 1999 carburated Road King. A while back I installed V&H slipon mufflers. Took it to my harley mechanic and he drilled plug from carb and adjusted. It still had some poppin on deceleration. I took it again and had proper jets installed. It improved the poppin but it is still there. Any ideas on how to correct this problem?
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. I suggest you post your questions in the "engine, fuel, exhaust" or the "touring" thread and you'll get all the info you need. Not everyone reads the new member thread.
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    have you tried for a inlet or exhaust leak J.D:drunk
  5. If you have ruled out any intake or exhaust leaks, It may still be too lean on the main jet. go a bit richer and see what happens. The new exhaust takes a lot of back pressure off the motor alowing a great deal more air flow thrue the system, making it lean.