Mt. Dora to Key West?

Discussion in 'South East' started by Riviera Reg, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Planning to be in the Tampa - Mt. Dora area in late March and thinking about renting an H-D from Cigar City Rentals (H-D of Tampa), and taking a ride from Mt. Dora to Key West for a few days. Loosely planned route would take me from Mt. Dora on Hwy 27 - 997 - Hwy 1.

    Am I on the right track in terms of the rental place and the route? Not much experience riding in Florida, anything other than the usual to watch out for?

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    Well Mt. Dora is about 25 miles from Orlando. So you may want to look at either Orlando Harley or Gator Harley in Leesburg for your rental. Tampa is probably 50 miles or more depending on how you go. That ride will take about 6-7 hours minimum. It'll be a blast though!

    Too bad you weren't gonna be there in late have to check out the Leesburg Bike Fest which is real close to Mt. Dora and fast becoming a popular festival.
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    Armadillo's ! Look out for the Armadillos.....
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    I am very familar with that area and your best bet to rent a scooter is at Gator H/D in Leesburg. The nearest dealer in Orlando is approximately a 45-60minute drive from Mt Dora while Gators in Leesburg should take you only 20-30 minutes. Tampa to Mt dora would take you well over 90 minutes. My daughter lives 10 minutes from leesburg and I take my bike up there all the time. There is some awsome riding country in the area with plenty of hills, twists and turns. If you have the oppotunity, spend some time around Mt Dora/Leesburg area and enjoy the ride. If you have the time, at the end of April, Leesburg has one of the best 3 day bike events your likely to find anywhere and the weather is usually terriffic at this time of year. Ride Free, "Cowboy".
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    What to watch out for.... Let's see.... Ahhh Snowbirds (27 is loaded with 'em, Sebring is the worst), tourists, small animals, red light runners (as you get closer to South Florida)..

    997 will be an interesting ride... Be VERY careful in that area.... Lot's of folks run redlights in Miami. It a more of a sport than a traffic violation. If you're at a stop light, be sure to double check that no one is coming before you pull away from the light.

    Riding in Miami is kinda like Death Race.. Without the high caliber weapons...
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    try not to come thru the miamia area during morning or afternoon rush hour,
    I took the turnpike thru the miami area, wasn't too bad, mainly big trucks, atleast no stop lights and quick ride thru, it drops you at florida city, good ride from there, watch out for key deer, bigger crime to hit one of them than a person.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments.