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  1. ChopperDoc

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    I was at one of our local dealers (I have 4 within 50 miles) the other day and when I asked the price of one of their bikes, the salesman replied that they were a "MSRP Dealership", which, at the time I thought was aburd.

    I had never heard this term before, but it is evidently a dealership that will sell you any bike, on the floor or special order, at MSRP.

    In the mid to late 90s, that would have ment something, but today I have found that most dealers are selling below MSRP or at the very least offering purchase incentives. One of the dealerships has what they call a dollar menu where you pick an option, such as a custom paint set, and it is only a dollar.

    Back in the good old days, many dealershiips were, in addition to the wait-list, offering bikes at MSPR plus anywhere from 1 to 10K. Others just did business as usual. They had a waiting list because they had to, but added no additional charges to their quota for the year.

    I was about to write-off this dealership but while riding today I started wondering if they were one of "good guys" back in the day and are still proud of the fact that they were and are a MSRP Dealership.

    I was working overseas during the glory years so I don't know the history of this particular dealership, but I will do a bit of investigating before I make a judgement. If it turns out to be that they didn't take advantage of us, the buyer, back then, then we should probably support them now.

    My question is, has anyone heard this term and do they know the history of the dealerships that are presenting themselves as MSRP Dealerships?
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    I've never heard a claim of "MSRP Dealer" but that would be overpaying in today's world.
  3. Hoople

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    Maybe not. If the price was MSRP plus sales tax only I would think that would be not too bad of a price. I had a trade in when I purchased my 2009 so that will muddy up the water.

    Now if he said MSRP plus setup, plus dealership prep, plus freight, then your right I would keep walking.
  4. TXMikey

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    All of the dealerships around here are "MSRP Dealerships"; but it's MSRP on the bike, not on shipping & dealer prep. When I bought my '08, I found up to $1,000.00 difference in the sales price based solely on the difference on shipping and dealer prep. In fact, I actually had a salesman at one dealership start yelling at me over the phone when I told them the price they quoted was $1K higher than the other dealer, claiming the other dealer was violating MOCO rules about requiring them to sell at MSRP.
  5. Hoople

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    Mikey, that is funny.!! It is amazing how you can set off some people with the right words..
    Give me his number and I will call him also!!:D
  6. whatyardwork

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    "MSRP Dealership"..Is that a polite way of saying "Weve been tucking it to you for years,now we'll play fair"?:tounge
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    thats a good one..
  8. Breeze3at

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    I remember one of the more popular Harley magazines used to post MSRP dealers in the '90s, when most were charging premiums. They were the good guys then, I think now they need to rethink.
    I believe Saturn had a MSRP philosophy. I recall thier "no haggle" ads on tv.
    Look what it did for them. :(
  9. fwcole

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    If im not mistaken what theyre rules state is that they cant advertise bikes under msrp(manufactures SUGESSTED retail price). Thats not to say they cant sell them under msrp, so what you should do is see what kind of bargain they will make with you.
  10. glider

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    Just keep in mind that EVERYTHING is negotiable :D