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  1. Smokintoad

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    I was curious what kind of MPG I will lose if I install the SE Heavy Breather intake (29253-08) and SE Street performance Touring Mufflers (80732-09 or 80721-09) on my 09 Roadglide.

    Does anyone have experience with this combo and real life MPG info?

    Is an expectation of a 3-5% loss realistic?

    Dyno data?
  2. glider

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    With the stage 1 and moderate riding upper 30's to 40+ are normal on the 96 engines.
  3. Grillfish

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    On my 09 RG, I switched to V&H basic slipons, Ness Big Sucker and TFI and I still get about 40-43mpg (depending city vs non-stop highway cruising @ 70). I'm not heavy on the throttle, so that may have something to do with it.
  4. DDogg

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    Smitty hit it. Your riding style changes a bit ( a whole lot with me ) after a Stage 1. Adding 10 to 12 on both torque and HP, does something to the biker in ya. I was getting between 44 and 48 stock. After SE A/C, KromeWerks 3" slip-ons and PC. Dyno'd and now maybe 39 to 42. But hey, she sucks in more air so she needs more gas. Sounds great and rides better. I can sacrifice a few miles for more Harley sound and power.
  5. martysnarf

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    My '09 SG was getting upper 40's stock, and when I switched to the SE airbox and Rinehart slip-ons, I now get lower 30's, averaging about 32 MPG at best.
  6. Rod Stewart

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    My '04 EG Classic has a 95 inch, SE 203 cams, free flows, K&N and TFI module. It gets 40-44 MPG usually cruising at 70-75.
    A big headwind kills that by 15-20 % however.
    Pushing that fairing into the wind is not very efficient.

  7. just4u

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    I did not lose any MPG when I installed my O6 heritage 88in with V&h big shot longs, Arlen Ness big sucker stage 1 air filter, and a power Commander III USB, with a dyatune for Good mileage, not full all the way HP, plus I gained HP. I get 44-46 mpg, and 48-50 on a easy foothill road cruise.
  8. just4u

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    just got back from a 3097 mile road trip, all loaded up and got 47 mpg. my O6 heritage 88in with V&h big shot longs, Arlen Ness big sucker stage 1 air filter, and a power Commander III USB, with a dynatune for Good mileage, not tuned for max HP, plus I gained HP. I get 44-46 mpg comute, and 48-50 on a easy foothill road cruise. if ya want lots of hp you will lose mpg. I get more HP than stock with my set up and, good mileage.
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  9. stevec314

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    WOW Smitty hit it right on the head. Could this be called a Stage 1 syndrome? That is pretty much me in a nut shell. Although the effects of "Stage 1 Syndrome" do seem to subside over time. I get about 42 mpg riding two up on the interstate. Local riding solo I get about the same but that seems to be when the S1S kicks in the most. haha
  10. wagsrk08

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    Last year (April 2008) my dealer sold me on a Stage 1 set up of SEAC, SERT & V&H Slip On mufflers. $900 plus dollars. My mpg went SOUTH averaging 31-33mpg. The dealer told me that was the norm with this set up? So I lived with it being new to the HD world, until after a long winter "educating" myself on the forums upon this subject.

    I finally found a stand up guy dyno tuner who had an excellent reputation and he told me I should be getting 42-45mpg with my set up? Sure I said to myself, when donkeys can fly this will also happen. So what the heck, I let him do his magic this Monday.

    When I went to pick up bike he said bike was running way to rich! Honestly he said my bike was probably only mapped by my dealer and not dyno'd (I was charged though). My horsepower increased by 6.47 horses, my torque increased 6.8 lbs., and my mileage home from the dyno (185 miles) was a whopping 43 mpg!!!! Horespower now is 73.8 and Torque is 87.5 lbs.

    I'm having problems attaching my dyno stats since I scanned it then downloaded it to my documents? If you'd like to see them sent me a PM and I'll attach them for you to look over. I'm pretty impressed. And I'll give you the dealers name in S.W. Ohio.