Moving My Tri-Glide Shifter Forward?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Hawgit, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Hey all,
    This is kinda of a take off of the moving the seat back idea we looked at earlier....
    I don't know how you all feel while shifting on your Tri-Glide. While sitting on my ride, I feel like I'm sitting too far forward and my heel/toe shifter is too far back. Especially if someone is on the back seat. Shifting up, I feel that my knee is up in my chest. Shifting down is not too bad, but I still feel like I'm too far forward.
    Ok, here's the question... Is there a way to move the shifter a bit forward? I saw these longer shift arms, but wouldn't that make the back arm longer and too far back? Or... Am I looking at this all wrong? The seat is fixed and the tour pack ain't moving.
    Any thoughts or ideas?
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    Check this out. They move the boards forward and then if you use extended shift levers it will stay proportional. The best part it doesn't move them any farther out. I put them on my Road King and they are great. Talked with Bill on the phone and he is great guy to boot. Best of all, Made in the USA!

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    One concern about going to far forward would be, will your boot now fit inside the lower on crash bar to shift ?