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I bought my new 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic on November 16, 2007 . I received the registration card about a month after purchase. I am still waiting for my Title to show up. Has anybody in PA bought a bike recently. How long should it take for Title to show up? I am not sure what to do and am thinking it might have got lost in the mail and I need to apply for a new one. :panic

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Here in NY, it can take 6-8 weeks sometimes to get the title from DMV when you buy a new vehicle. I'm sure it will come in time. You may want to give them a call to see if it has been sent out.
It took 8 weeks for my Pa title to show up. Lordy don't the wheels turn slow :34:
Here in NY, it can take 6-8 weeks sometimes to get the title from DMV when you buy a new vehicle. I'm sure it will come in time. You may want to give them a call to see if it has been sent out.

Hi Glider,

I tried calling them but I can't seem to get a live person with their phone menu. And the best part is, I work for a part of the PA state government. I am just afraid of it getting in somebody else's hands. I only have 90 days to apply for it if it was never received, after that they charge 22.50 for a replacement. I called the dealer to see a few times to see if they could help since they did the original paperwork but they just keep saying they will get back to me and when I call a week later, it starts all over. I guess my patience will have to be with a penalty of $22.50 please!
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Give the dealer a call again and get the owner of the dealer to get involved being you haven't received it yet. It's possible that they messed it up and it wasn't sent out on time to begin with..
Wow, It got even better. I was so freakin angry I had to wait to type for fear of typing something I shouldn't.

I decided to try calling Harrisburg and after a not too long wait I talked to a CSR and I had to play a guessing game cause she told me it was sent to the Leinholder. I said "there is no leinholder" and I asked her who it was. She couldn't tell me so I asked her if it was *^&^* and she said yes. I don't understand how this could have been possible as the pink slip has NO LEINHOLDER checked and there is no leinholder name or address or anything else on it. So, I called the stealership and talked to the owner and they said they would get me a duplicate title but I would need to get a letter from the credit union releasing the lein. ** This is for a bike that I paid cash for and has (supposedly) no Leinholder ..

I don't trust them to do the right thing, So I called the credit union and asked them if they had my title and if so, why it wasn't sent. They said " why would we have your title? We don't show you having a loan with us for the bike . I said exactly but you are now the leinholder cause somebody at Harley wants you to be. SSoooo,
They checked and could not find the title but they said that since it is still in the 90 day window, they will request a duplicate title from PENNDOT and when it comes in, they will remove the lein and send the title to me. This has caused me to be angry and stressed and I am glad C/U is taking care of this as I can't even imagine the dealership doing the right thing as they are the reason for all this. Thanks for letting me vent and for your help.......
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Tell the dealer THEY have to get any letters being they messed it up to begin with and put on your stompin boots and pay a visit to the dealer for satisfaction. They owe you big time.

If there was no leinholder, they have to tell you why there was one entered and which droid there did it. It's clearly their mistake.

Insist on something at their expense to compensate you for your trouble and don't take NO for an answer.
Never had this isuue! Never paid cash for anything!
How do i do it?......Up to my eyeballs in debt and loans!!:laugh

Just kidding VH, just wanted to shed a little humor on the issue, Hopefully you get it taken care of.

My stealer dropped the ball on the title with the state as well and caused issues for me, but they handled it for me.
I believe this will be resolved when the title is in my hand which should be the next few days. Well, I do have an update.
The dealer saw the cashiers check and just assumed it was a loan and "get this" they put the leinholder on the MV1 (pink slip) paperwork after I had signed it and took possession of the bike. I guess that is why my copy shows there is on leinholder and theirs does. I presume this action to be illegal but am not positive and would really like to find out. I don't think the paperwork that I read and signed is allowed to be changed without my knowledge. If I had to do it all over again, I would never buy a new bike from the dealer. I could have made my 1990 the ultimate ride for the money I paid for this bike and I would have had a lot less aggravation and stress . Thanks again for listening and if anybody can tell me that what they did was illegal and what action I can take, that would be awesome. Ride Safe......
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WOW! They do not have their "stuff" together at all!
I am glad you did not walk in there with CASH in hand, what would the "casher" do with that? Sounds like they owe you lots of "chrome" goodies for you problems, push back hard on them!:bigsmiley14: