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Motorcycle Lifts/Oil Changes?

Dr. Dolittle

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I did my first oil change in the garage Monday. Went fine but lots of squatting/bending/rolling on the floor. I've read about motorcycle lifts and how great they are for elevating your bike for maintenance and cleaning.

The thought occurred to me, however, with your bike two feet up in the air, how do you neatly get the used oil into the drain pan when you remove the plug? My pan was directly under the plug and I still misjudged and got some oil on the floor.

I'm sure all of you have some great techniques that I haven't thought of so lets hear them, please!
Doolittle, my friend the answer to that is our friend Aluminum Foil. You can take a small piece and wrap the frame section just under the drain and presto, funnel it where it needs to go,,, also you can tuck a small slice of it just under the oil filter to capture any leakage there off the cases. There are several techniques, but for my Fatboy it works great.
All of these solutions sound pretty straight forward and workable. I guess the simplest ideas don't occur to people with simple minds!! I'll probably try the PVC idea because it gives me an excuse to go to Home Depot!