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Motorcycle Innovations Oil Cooler


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Does anyone have any experience with this cooler?

It is an aluminum body and offers an angle offset for the filter and has a built in thermostat.
Hi, just joined and I have the same question regarding the 'Motorcyle Innovations Bad Boy Oil Cooler'. I've ran AMSOIL since the bike was new, maybe over-kill but I drained it at 500 and 1500 each time replaced with the proper AMSOIL product. I have about 24,000 miles on 'Delila' (oil changed every 5000-6000) and I just started noticing a little more heat coming up from the motor at lights, hence my thoughts of: "maybe it's time to consider an Oil Cooler of some sort". so, any help would be greatly appreciated. I like the Bad Boys' design verses HD/Jagg's product (JP catalog)
Jagg is no longer making the HD cooler. Call the 800 # for Jagg and ask to speak with Marvin. He will explain it all to you. You might also want to read the article by Donnie Peterson on oil coolers in this months AIM. (American Iron Magazine)
This is the same cooler that I am looking at putting on as well. I looked at the Jagg one that is made and thought that the cooling fins could pick a stone up off the HWY and puncture it causing it to leak. I thought the aluminum body Bad Boy cooler looked more durable. PLus it looks easy to install. I noticed someone had pix of a Jagg cooler that they mounted as on their bike and it looked pretty sharp. Is there any feedback about the Bad Boy cooler?
I am trying to decide between the Jagg and the HD unit. Does anyone know if a tool bag will fit under the horizontal mounted coolers for either of these.

I like having my tool bag on the down tubes under the regulator but I cannot tell from the pictures of either of these coolers how much room is under the cooler.

Also, having never done an oil filter change myself, does either adapter offer an advantage. The HD unit looks like is is flush under the filter and the Jagg looks to be somewhat offset. I am wondering if the HD unit puts it too close to the crank sensor and if the Jagg offset gets it too close to the O2 sensor.