Motorcycle covers & condensation

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    Some years ago I bought a motorcycle cover for a Kawasaki sport bike I owned. The bike had to be kept outside and I wanted to protect it fm the elements. The problem: Whenever I removed the cover, due to condensation, the bike was as wet as if it had been standing in the rain. Shortly things started to rust.

    I have just purchased a new Nightster and it also will have to live outside. Does anyone have a solution for this condensation problem? I am thinking of the little dessicant packages that come in some drug bottles that keep everything dry. Is there any thing comparable that could be used beneath the cover to prevent moisture build up?

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    my Nightster lives outside too.i have a breathable cover on mine & it survived last winter just fine. i just coated almost everything in WD40/Duck oil.
    make shure the cover is breathable though as the bike will still get condensation forming on it but the cover will allow it to dry out.
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    As Hobbit mentioned, a light bulb under the cover works wonders.

    If you go this route, use a porcelain fixture mounted to a piece of plywood about 12" X 12" and this way it can't burn anything by lying against it.