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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Grillfish, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Grillfish

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    I just noticed that Motorcycle Consumer News December edition has a Road Glide featured on the cover. I can't find that mag in any local bookstores and my in-laws don't get that magazine any longer.

    Has anyone read that article? If so, can you pass on any highlights?

    If not, I may buy the digital copy for $7.00 and see what they say about it (even though I already got an 09 RG and love it!).

    Thanks for the help. Ride safe and have fun.
  2. Fossil

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    I have read Motorcycle Consumer News since it was Road Rider magazine. The longer MCN has lasted the more anti Harley it has become. Any comparison test and the Harley is the worst, etc. The only thing they can't figure out is why Harley is out selling all these 'better' bikes. The Road Glide is an excellent motorcycle but I doubt that MCN said any thing nice about it. I quit reading MCN about six months ago. Fossil
  3. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    Well I bought the digital version for $7.00 and read the report. I'd have to agree with the report based on what I've experienced so far. Here are some snip-its...

    "The best Harley FLTR ever."

    "Although the new chassis is 30 lbs. heavier than
    before, it has transformed the handling quality of the
    FL. Now well balanced and steady at high speeds, it
    holds its line in curves without any annoying wallowing."

    "What Harley calls an Isolated Drive System, intended to reduce noise
    and vibration, is now an integral part of the rear wheel hub, eliminating
    the previous bolt-on arrangement. It must be very effective,
    as the driveline lash that affects almost all motorcycles was
    virtually non-existent on the Road Glide."

    "Gratefully absent were the spine jarring impacts experienced aboard older
    versions of the FL models. In addition, lean angle has been
    increased by raising the floorboards slightly, adding 1° on each
    side , to 31° on the left and 33° on the right."

    "However, sixth gear remains a fairly tall overdrive, so don’t
    expect it to provide for rapid passing at interstate speeds."

    "Excellent Brembo 4-piston fixed calipers squeeze triple Uniform
    Expanding 299.97mm discs—two in front, one in back, and
    all brake lines are braided stainless steel for improved braking

    "Shifting up through the gears is relatively slick, however
    downshifting often requires a full travel squeeze of the clutch
    lever and a forceful stomp on the shifter to effect the gear change."

    "Combined with Harley’s uniquely lustrous plating and polishing, our test bike’s eye-popping Mirage Orange Pearl paint job made it an irresistible sight. We can’t think of a better color for this particular model!"

    "Getting it off the sidestand can be
    a bit precarious for short-legged riders
    as the stand is far forward and
    tipping the bike to the right side for
    clearance takes a strong right leg
    because the bike feels quite topheavy."

    "Once on the open road
    and up to cruising speed, the ride is very enjoyable. The comfort
    is surprisingly good, due to the compliant suspension and a sensible
    riding position, enhanced by excellent seating for both the
    rider and passenger."

    "However, the rear cylinder header pipe still is close enough to the rider’s right
    calf to cause noticeable discomfort even when wearing leather
    riding pants."

    "The windscreen was the subject of much debate, and its effectiveness
    appeared to be a matter of rider height."

    "The various hand and foot controls worked well and the heel/toe
    shift levers are independently adjustable, a nice touch."

    "And when taking sweeping turns at speed, the older Road King
    exhibited a wobbling sensation at the apex of the turn, but the new
    Road Glide held its line and completed the turn like it was on
    rails. Even the sensation of engine vibration was very different.
    The Road King’s rider could feel the vibration of the big V-twin
    at all times, but the lack of vibration on the Road Glide at all
    speeds was noticeably absent."

    "...the 2009 frame, swingarm, four-point
    engine mounting and revised suspension system have made a
    major improvement to the handling and engine smoothness characteristics
    of the new FLTR Road Glide—very impressive!"
  4. FifthGear

    FifthGear Member

    WOW! That review was very kind and makes me want to buy one LOL. Usually I tend to agree that most magazines do not give Harley a fair shake. I'm impressed.
  5. Fossil

    Fossil Active Member

    Read between the lines of that test. They insinuate an awful lot. When the Harley is compared to like foreign machines whatch it come out last. Fossil
  6. docsledge

    docsledge Active Member

    I agree, if I'd wanted one, woulda got one. They're nice bikes, but I'll stay with my Dyna. (And I don't know if I'm strong enough to get it off the stand):)
  7. Crocker

    Crocker Active Member

    took a look at this bike the other day, really nice lookin machine frenched in rear lighting has all the bells and whistles , felt nice under me , I never was big on the fork mounted faring HDs , but this bike nice and feels nice , the orange flake looks real nice in the sun too $32,000
  8. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    I agree Fossil. I read the mag for many years at my in-laws, until they stopped the subscription a year or so ago.

    My in-laws being die-hard Goldwing fanatics putting about 20-25K miles a year on it, use to tell me how bad the Harleys were, prob influenced by reading stuff in the mag and hearsay. However, since my wife and I bought our first bike in Nov 2001, a 2002 Sporty and road with them, they started to change their tune as they saw it not breaking down, leaking oil and seeing how much fun we have on it.

    Now with our 09 GR, they realy like it. My father in law took it for a short ride and he mentioned how smooth it was. Now, every week when my wife and I visit them, we talk about our upcoming ride and decide where we are gonna explore this weekend! So it doesn't matter if you ride a Harley or any other manufacturer (or even if magazines bash certain bike), it's just nice to be able to get out there on two (or three) wheels and have fun.

    Happy New Year to all!
  9. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    I agree especialy the orange one.

    "Combined with Harley’s uniquely lustrous plating and polishing, our test bike’s eye-popping Mirage Orange Pearl paint job made it an irresistible sight. We can’t think of a better color for this particular model!"
  10. Rubbit

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    Black Pearl is faster:lolrolling