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    Hey folks,

    Decided that this year I am going to do some motorcycle camping. I have a small dome tent, but it is a cheap wal-mart model that is very bulky not especially sturdy. Any reccomendations on a nice 2 person tent that packs down nice and small? Looking at a few models, but I have had bad experiences with small tents in the past. Also, what are some of the things you guys reccomend to bring along?

    Also, how do ya keep the beer cold without a cooler? :D
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    Here is what I use and is enough for 2 people and still fits in my Heritage saddle bags. Nice tent for the price.

    Eureka Apex 2XT Tent - Camping Tents

    As for keeping the beer cold, my only recommendation is drink faster :cheers

    If you want to get serious about camping on the bike this site is worth a look.

    Full Throttle Camping
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    I use an REI Half Dome 2 HC tent. Tent, rainfly, and poles stuff into an 8" x 20" bag, which has two draw tight straps and a carrying loop. The loop is a necessity for a bungee cord or strap for tying the tent to the bike, my first tent like this is somewhere along a road in SW Indiana.

    Pick a tent that is rated for one more person than will sleep in it, for room for your equipment and for dressing/undressing. Look for a rainfly that extends away from the tent a ways, to cover boots, etc., outside the tent. The Half Dome has doors on each side, a window, mesh vent, and multiple pockets inside for wallet, flashlight, and other incidentals.

    I don't carry beer, too bulky for the available room on my FXD. Travel instead with a metal flask with either Jack Daniels or Jameson. I also carry enough water to last me a couple days as most of my camping is in the desert areas of the southwest and away from regular supplies. I'd hate to be stuck somewhere with nothing to drink.

    Travel with a backpacking stove that fits onto a fuel canister, a deep aluminum bowl and slightly larger shallow bowl, silverware for one, a can opener, and an aluminum travel mug with lid. Also have a pre-stainless steel Sierra Club cup my dad found along a trail in the Sierra's in 1941 and traveled with thereafter; I carry it in his memory. Its not too efficient, but it doesn't take up much space. All this fits into one saddlebag taking up about the same space as a rolled-up hoody.

    Pick a stove that uses standard size fuel canisters or bulk fuel as fuel is then much easier to find and less expensive than for the lighter but specialized stoves like I have. There are also lanterns that some people like. Keep three or more separate packages of matches. I also carry presto type artificial logs for the evening fires, one for each evening, as firewood can be scarce in the desert.

    I also always carry food for at least two days, even if it is nothing more than energy bars and almonds.

    Hope this helps.

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    REI or Cabela's Sporting goods are a good source to "try before you buy"...! REI has a handy tent selector also...

    Find Your Perfect Tent Now at REI

    Tents, Dome Tents, Backpacking Tents and Gazebos

    The thing about camping tents, if for two, get a three man for your gear. Also simple setup with shock corded rods makes it easy to put together. May also use the Search tab and type in keywords, as there were several threads with plenty of good solutions, including our international riders!:D
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    I did try searching first...maybe i wasn't using the right terms. Thanks.for the suggestions!
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    Check out Cabela's Web site. They have a number of small tents from which to choose and the quality is very good (as is the price). You get what you pay for.
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    I also have the Eureka Apex 2XT model. I took it on a 6000 mile cross country trip last year with no problems. Even withstood some serious rain and wind on a couple of occasions. Just make sure that whatever model you buy that you get some sealant spray and waterproof all the seams for added comfort.

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    Took a trip x country with a Eureaka Timberland 2 about 25 years ago.
    They still make it and I still have it and use it. Great tent I think it is around $110-$130.
    Easy to strap to the bike.
    I am thinking of getting a Oregon bed roll. Pretty expensive but really perfect for biking.
    You might want to check that out.