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Motor Running Hot???

I have seen a couple of post referring to motors running hot. I have been told in the past that the 06 Electral Gluides ran hotter than the 05's, But was also told by someone else that that was hogwash. Now I see people saying the 07's are running hot. It would appear to me that what seems hot to one person is not to another.

Someone coming from another make of bike that has been using a water-cooled system may think the Harley is running Hot, and to them it probably is. Perhaps different models of Harleys do run hotter, I don't know.

The postiion of the rear cyclinder does tend to heat up your leg, hense I installed Heat Shields.

Do you think there is a problem with Heat?

Post you fellings here.

SIDE NOTE: I have been told by one dealer's salesman that in 08 the Touring Bikes will be coming out with a water-cooled engine....time will tell.

I'm by no means an expert on this but I would suspect that unless the engine is left idling for an extended period of time, subjected to prolonged stop and go driving or a constant slow riding speed (parade) there should not be a problem. IMO these air cooled engines are designed to be ok at hotter operating temps and as long as there is sufficient airflow over the cylinders overheating shouldn't be a problem.

Theres a 3 stage cooling process,...fires the engine different a high temp,......i've riddin in noon traffic in Baton rouge Louisiana,...sit for 30 minutes at a time idle in traffic,....never had a problem.

use common sense,..dont rawhide it on really hot days,..or when the engine is already hot,...i can't imagine how you'd overheat it,...unless just intentionally dogging it out.

Oh btw,....i've never got mine so hot where the cooling process kicks in,...and Ive done a helluva alot of riding.

Even on my old sporty,...never a problem.
They come from the factory set lean to pass emissions testing so they run a little hot have it dyno'ed and remapped to richen it up a little. My 99 efi roadking is lean but it has not over heated yet some blueing on one pipe but it runs great and I won't pay the price to change it if the factory says it's fine like this I will ride it. Oh by the way I'm south of Phoenix AZ close to Mexico so it gets hot here 120 degrees some summer days and I ride every day.:s