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Motor Mount Rubber Grommets

Noticed the other day that the front grommet was getting a little soft and looked as though it might have a small tear in it as well. Also looked as though there was a little more movement at idle than I think there should be. With 45k on them Im thinking it might be time to replace them.
So....the question I ask is....I can obviously see the front mount....where are the others and how hard will it be to change the grommets that I cant see?
Any tips or pointers in the upcomming project would be appreciated.
Usually the front mount is the one that will need replacing. There are stabilizer links under the tank that should be checked for their condition that have heim joints on the ends. They can wear and cause excessive vibrations and should be checked if you notice more than usual movement. Your best bet is the factory manual for explanations and torque values before you get into the job of replacing anything.

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I have an '03 FLHTCUI with about 70k miles. I did the "Tracula" upgrade from the site below that includes the isolators (swing arm) and front motor mount. Pretty straight forward if you are use to turning a wrench on your bikes. Biggest challenge is the requirement for a press if you don't have one. But you can always carry the swing arm and new bushings to a machine shop and get them to do that for you cheap.

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I strongly suggest the rear link at least. You can do this very easily with the bike on the kick-stand. I did this (and the other stuff that is part of the Tracula) and it makes the bike ride like it is on a rail. NO WOBBLE!!


On the up-grade from Harley, where does the large, thick washer from the original setup go, at the top of the mount under the engine plate, or on the bottom of the new mount facing the ground?

I haven't seen one of these kits yet, but I would say under the mount at the bottom above the nut.