MotoGP in July

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Will, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Four of us are coming over from New Zealand to see the MotoGP at Laguna Seca. We are coming over earlier, landing in LA and picking up our bikes before heading off to find some bike roads.
    The plan is to meander to Las Vegas via Grand Canyon, Zion Park. After a couple of nights in Vegas, we are going to go thru Death Valley, around to Sequoia, up to Yosemite, thru to Bodie and back on the Sonora Highway to San Fran. After a couple of nights there, we will get down to Monterey, where we have all ready booked our accommodation, for the racing. Then we have a couple of days to wander down the coast to LA before putting our bikes on the boat and us flying home.

    I have done some research and have some idea of what we would like to see and do. It would be great if someone would tell me what I might be missing please.
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    Sounds fantastic...Good Luck...not sure you'll have time.However if ya could do what is know as the "San Juan Skyway"..Thats in South Western Colo....Start at Cortez..towards Telluride on hwy 145 to Hwy 62 in Ridgeway go South on 550 passing through Silverton to Durango..then back to Cortez...I been to several place in this beautiful country from the East to the West coast..without a doubt... one of the most absolute beautiful rides I've ever done...Ya do know your gonna get about a thousand and again the best of Luck and Welcome... :42:
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