morelli fuel injection

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    1997 Road King, morelli fuel injection. This is not my bike. The owner of the bike states that after riding the bike for 8 to 10 miles, fully warmed up, that it develops a misfire only if he is riding between 62-70mph steady throttle in 5th gear. If he rides below 62 it goes away, or he can accelerate through it. I rode the bike 25 miles and didn't notice anything abnormal. The one thing I did notice was it was difficult to start. I had to crack the throttle to make it start. The bike was fully cold. One more thing, the owner of the bike said that when the bike is acting up between 60-70, the check engine light comes on. When the problem isn't present, the light is off. I don't know of any way to retrieve historic codes from the morelli system without a scanilizer, which I don't have. Any help would be appreciated.
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    You might try to spry some brake clean around the intake to head area after the bike is warmed up. If there is any change in the engine idle you have found the culprit, the seals have probably dried up and are leaking air into the intake flow. Aside from that an analyzer is the tool.