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Hey everyone, I just bought a 2003 V-Rod witht he road rod package on it and so far I love it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions on how to get a little more HP out of the engine. I've heard about the stage kits, but do I get those from the dealer? If so, anyone know around how much they cost? Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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There's the stage 1 kits for the intake, free flowing exhaust and some fuel programmers that will up the HP without getting into the engine.
Getting more than a few hp out of a VRod is expensive.Like he said intake,exhaust and FI calibration will net a few ponies.Beyond that will thin out the back account considerably.
ok, thanks for all the info. One more question, I have a 2003 v-rod and I'm getting around 27-28 miles a gallon. Is that normal? Seems a little low for a bike. The mechanice I talked to at the local Harley shop said that it was normal for a v-rod.
I've added 4 more HP by just cutting off the goose neck and adding a K&N air filter. Just a cheap way to gain 4 without breaking the bank.(2002 v-rod)