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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by harleydocdavidson, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I have a street bob, 08 and want to increase front braking power. Do you think that a jaybrake six piston front caliper would do the trick, maybe with a bigger disc. Will I need brackets for that?.
    Has any one installed one of these calipers ?
    Many thanks
  2. shaker

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    Did you change out the discs too, or just the calipers?
  3. Peso Joe

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    I was looking into a number of calipers etc, but here is what I did instead...for now.

    First off, before upgrading to better brakes I made sure the frontend springs could handle it. Installed the Racetech Emulators and weight indexed fork springs.

    Next, new rotor and this is the best part...LRB Pads (Lyndal Racing Brakes). Z+ compund pads NO DUST and they work excellent in wet conditions. After I did this I could feel the difference and I also lost the desire to just change to a better caliper..for now.

    I am looking at the Hawg Halters though if I do change calipers, straight up bolt on and differential bore to boot.
  4. Hi Peso, did you get a bigger disc or jut the same size of the standart. braided lines seems a good option too, I will change the pads anyway