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  1. Hi. I have a my sportster 883 with the Super E carb, been having problems off and on.
    At the beginning of this season, I installed a new coil, removed the cheap ass baffles from my drag pipes, and installed a K&N air filter. I set the carb using the S&S instructions, except that I set the accelerator a bit lower. I
    The bike had been running BETTER than I have ever known it to run in the 4 years that I have owned it. I have put maybe a 100 miles on it so far this spring. I last rode the bike 2 days ago, and it ran awesome still.
    Today on my lunch break, I decided to go home and get my bike. I pulled it out of the garage (after arguing with my girlfriend, i kow, you guys don't give that kind of advice here). When I started it, I pulled the enrichener all the way up, which I never do. I usually pull it up maybe 1/4 the way, if at all, give it a few squirts, and run it for a couple minutes with the throttle before I take off.
    I started heading down the street, and it was popping and bucking a bit. This happened a couple years ago, and the plugs were fouled. I turned around and brought it home. I was too aggravated and pressed
    Is it possible that running the bike for a few minutes with the enrichener open would foul plugs that quickly?
    Hopefully it's something simple. Thanks.
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    Pull the plugs and have a look. Smell them to see if they smell like gas. Couldn't hurt to change them anyway. You could be running just a tad rich to begin with. Get the bike to normal operating temps. Turn the mixture screw in slowly until the motor stumbles just a little bit. Then back it out 1/2 turn. Check for intake leaks too. You can't properly adjust the carb if you have any leaks. Might need some sort of baffles in those pipes for a little back pressure also. Good luck.
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    I'm with Glazier on this. Very important to ensure you do not have an intake leak when trying to dial these carbs in. Not real sound advice but I ended up ditching my Super E on my Softail for a stock CV that I modified. Ran 100 times better with the CV. Just my opinion though.
  4. Strange thing. I went home, started the bike and went for a ride and it ran fine. I don't get it......
  5. I will likely ditch the super e eventually. It seems the prices of CV carbs on eBay keep going up.
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    They do....I think people are starting to realize that the cv is really a great carb capable of supporting moderately modified motors with a little tweaking of the jet and needle. I run one on my Evo Softail that is close to 100hp. I used to see them for $50 on eBay all the time but lately seems they're selling for well over $100.

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    I AGREE with the above posts. Good carbs. Thinking a little back pressure is Good for low end torque and eliminates exhaust Pop... Being a lighter bike and running like you say, I'd leave it there on the sizes of the jets for now... It may have been a little moisture in your gas and that does cause similar problems if only for a short time.

    Spark plugs:
    New 6R12's from HD (best) are not expensive even bought from their parts stores. I 'd give that check the intake and if all is good ,do the idle adjustment and see where that needle is out... 1.5 turns out (close) is where you should end up IF more, the small jet is not correct size...

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    I have never been involved with a super E carb so i can not really comment on them i have found that the stock cv works very well on my sportster although it is a wee bit difficult to start when very cold
    But the stock cv was not very good on my big twins as i live in a cold damp climate i experienced carb icing many times and found that the mikuni hsr 42 was a much better carb
    But for an 883 sportster the cv should work well and there i a lot of knowledge available on this forum if you have any questions about the cv

  9. i think i am just going to ride it out (pun intended) with the super e. it seems to be working ok for now. if i have to later on i will spend the money on a CV, even if i have to spend a couple hunderd bucks. i may even go with stock pipes at that point.
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    Did you give full enricher again ?
    A dialed in super E runs very well.
    The one I had on my '85 was the result of someone not following the instructions with it. He wanted more power so he put a bigger jet in and it ran like junk so he got rid of it to me for less than half price. Can't say it too much follow the S&S instructions. Good Luck.