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Moose Easy Pull Clutch vs. Amp Power Clutch


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which should I get?

The Moose Easy Pull Clutch for $37?

Or the Amp Power Clutch for $85?

Do they both work as advertised? If so, I would rather spend $37.

Is the $85 one better? Enough to justify the additional $48?

The one that fits your need best is the one to get, If the lower price item is enough for you then of course go for it.


I don't know which one fits my need best. They both claim to do the same thing. I hope someone here can tell me if they both work well.
It's not rocket science, they use spring leverage to ease the amount of force to pull the clutch cable. The AMP unit gives the clutch lever a different feel almost like it's snapping the clutch.

It takes a little getting used to but once you have the feel for it, it works very well. My wife has about a thousand miles on hers and reports it works great and her hand is not sore after a full days riding in and out of traffic. The AMP unit mounts neatly under the clutch perch, install easily in less than half and hour. Can be ordered in black, red or chrome. I'm not familiar with the other unit, so no recommendations there.

I bought the Easy Pull Clutch off of Ebay for 29$ and it works just as advertised. Clutch feels at least 50% easier. It installs inside the clutch cover. Very easy. Takes about half an hour to do.