Monster Ovals - The Sound I've Always Been Looking For

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    I finally put a set of Monster Ovals on my '03 RKC. I had been considering them, had heard them at a toy run last year, but, had thought they were too expensive to justify. After all, I did like my Hooker Tuned-Flows...although they did get old on a long day's ride, having a sharp edge to their throaty sound.

    I stumbled onto a set of MOs on CraigsList, that had only been on for around 2000 miles. The owner decided to go with the new 1600 BMW Tourer, so he took the MOs off and put the originals back on his Street Glide before he traded it in. Anyway, I could not pass up the $375 price tag, so I scooped them up. I was the first to call, otherwise he could have sold them a half-dozen times before I got there.

    They went on easily. They are visibly quite a big bigger and longer than my Hookers were. I was not sure I liked the looks. The sound is like night and day. The Hookers popped and barked...I kinda liked that. However, the MOs are deep, throaty and mellow, without being quiet. They are quiet-er, but surely not quiet. I have not felt the need to tweak the Gen3 to match, and have not noticed any loss of performance. They appear to breath as well as the Hookers did. They still pop, but inside the MOs. If I was not used to where it happened, I would not hear it at all. I just know what to listen for.

    Bottom line: This is the sound I have been looking for since I have been riding HDs (around 35 years, on and off).

    Rich P
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    All good things come to those who wait. :s