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I play this game with my husband once in a while but I swear that he cheats. He always seems to win no matter who plays with him. It drives me nuts that I can never win a game and that usually it takes many hours to play.
I remember playing this game as a kid and I thought that it was the greatest, since I would usually always win. I remember fighting with everyone to get the car symbol. LOL Good memories.
I just played this the other night with a group of friends. This game is much better then I remember it being when I was a kid, oh wait or could it be that we were pretty much drunk when we were playing, either way it was a blast.
I still love this game too and just played the other night and won!I was the banker too:D I always win when I am the banker.Can anyone spell cheater?:cool:
This was family night game long ago.I can still remember everything about this one it was my favorite of all.I always wanted to be the dog for some reason.Too bad they didn't have a duck.
I got so tired of this game a long time ago when my boyfriend and I spent a long Christmas vacation playing a game that I never thought was going to end. It seems that I never won then or even before that. I don't think I ever want to play this game again LOL
Guess you should have played with me so I can show you how to cheat. We haven't played since my last visit here, think they caught on to me already? I sure hope not, I love this game. Can dream at night knowing I own boardwalk!
Monopoly is a classic board game and now they have an advanced edition. I like to play but only occasionally, my wife is the type that when we play a board game that's all she wants to do for the next week.. I get board game burn out.
Goodness! I haven't played this game in such a long time. This classic game really does bring back a lot of good old memories. I've seen there's a new addition out wherein you can use credit cards and everything. I don't think I'd like that edition nearly as much as the original.
I am not that big into the Here and Now edition but the old one is a classic. I haven't played in quite a while because it takes up too much time.