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    Speaking of riding to eat and eating to ride ... For true culinary delights, consider small-town mom-and-pop operations ... When traveling the back roads that lead to many small towns that make small-town America look like big cities, I really know I've struck culinary gold when I walk in and everyone stops and has a good look at the stranger. This happens a lot with some of the places I've been. Especially in West Virginia. A few years back I was headed to Parkersburg to meet up with a friend from Maryland on my way to Paducah for a small gathering. From basically first light that morning, I rode a maze of mountain backroads that loosely meandered in the general direction of Parkersburg. I came across this one very small town, a hamlet really ... just a crossroad with some buildings/residences up the side of the mountain. A few hundred yards past this urban sprawl mountainside metropolis was an old brick diner. I pulled into the lot and parked my bike in front of the window and entered. The place was fairly busy and I did cause that moment of silent staring at the stranger. In return, I gave them the best courteous Canadian nod to say "Howdy" the locals ever got from a Canadian. I took a spot at the counter rather than use a table. Behind the counter a rather large woman/waitress/cook/possible owner and anything else she was needed to be, greeted and asked how I was doing ... and asked "is that your motorcycle?" ... To which I grinned and replied "Oh no ma'am, I stole that one ..."
    Had me a cup of fresh percolated coffee, bacon and eggs with some of the best home potatoes around. But the real surprise was the toast. Local homemade bread, cut thick and flame toasted on the grill. The bill for this heaping feast was barely over $3 ... And the funny thing was, many of the patrons, who I guess had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the waitress and myself while I ate ... While paying their bills turned and offered well wishes on my journey.
    Yup ... Fine dining at it's best
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    Nice write up and you do paint a nice picture with your words. I can't speak for everyone here on the forum but we do search out the best of the best eating places on the back roads both here and abroad. We even have a thread dedicated to the places we find that we think other members should try if they are in that area. Again nice post, but it would be helpful if you can remember to give us a name of the town and the restaurant. JMO, Don
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    The wife and I do the same thing. We like traveling the back roads and looking for the local eating establishments. You can fine some very good food. A lot better than the chains. :newsmile049:
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    Local Mom & Pop eateries are one of my favorite parts of road trips. I go to Food Network website/Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and see if any of them are on my route. I have been to one in Duluth, MN, and it was very good.
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    Emu.. I was born and raised in the type of place you mentioned. My home town population is a whopping 53 .. The wife and I have been in more than a few pubs and diners that if you relied on the look of the outside of the building to tell you what it is like you would miss out on a true slice of America. Rural america ( and I would bet rural Canada ) doesn't suffer from the disconnect that you find in cities. Nice read by the way.
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    My wife and I were in Michigan this past summer. We stopped at 3 different places on the backroads. Food was excellent, bills at 2 of the places were good deals, and both staff and customers were all very friendly. I cannot recall the names of the restaurants, but the towns were Rudyard, Pellston, and Empire. Pellston was the best overall.
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    Love running the back roads of America is the only way to ride!You get to see how the real people live and your not just a face you get to meet some good old fashioned folks that tell you when your passing through so stop back and say hello
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    We did the same thing at the NJ shore. We supported all the local restaurants that we're hit by Hurricane Sandy. Found some new gems.
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    When traveling it's always the back roads where the best food is, two places we frequent when on the road are the Circle III in Hayworth Il. and the Mule Barn in DuBois Il. both off the beaten path.