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    I have been trying to find a modular helmet in a junior size for my petite wife. I have found extra small sizes but they were too large for her. She has tried full face junior sizes and the best fit (not loose) was a junior helmet med/sm.

    There have been times that her comfort level is such that she would prefer the extra protection of a full face, but the advantages of a modular helmet. Gotta take care of her :s

    I have been searching the net with little success any help would be appreciated.

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    There are a many different brands and models that offer modular that I mean you are talking about a helmet the has a flip up faceshield...chin guard. There are some limits regarding the sizing, as smaller sizes tend to have to have scaled down parts, and so hinge and moulding design changes have to be made, making the fit "different".

    FYI, helmets are the one area where you have to actually physically find, try and fit before you buy...making the task, and one of the times there is really no short cut. Don't forget to try BMW dealer and other Euro dealers, as there are many makers besides our "name" brands we are accustomed here.
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    Maybe I'm being too obvious, but have you tried children's sizes? There should be kids helmets out there in various configurations.
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    Hey Slowrider,

    Helmet sizing is a challenge because one brand of helmet "small" doesn't necessarily fit the same way as another given brand.

    If you're looking for something that looks to be more in the youth sizing for modular helmets, you can contact some of the reputable manufacturers directly and they can steer you to a local distributor close to you to try them out in person.

    Nolan, Shark, Scorpion, HJC, etc. All seem to have good reviews for most of their products.

    I'd take a measurement of your wife's head and then shoot them an email describing your delema and see what happens from there.

    Good luck
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    Good idea I will give this a try, hopefully they will have some options for her. I agree that you should try it on because a small from one brand does not fit the same as another.

    Thanks, I was thinking of kids helmets when I was referring to junior sizes.
    She did find a full face that fit her great but she likes the idea of the flip up front on a modular helmet.