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    Here`s my dilema.... I will be doing a 7000 km oil change and I`m doing it myself and will also change the other oils as well to synthetic. I called my local dealer and his price for the service was $450 plus taxes so well over $500. (Ouch).

    I did mention I wanted to switch to the Synthetic and his comment was there was no need as I live on the west coast (BC) and it wouldn`t make any difference he then mentioned that it would make my bike louder and he`s had customers complain about the extra noise with the synthetic!! Any truth?

    Also this is the first service I will do myself, should the plugs be changed and is there anything I should look for specifically? And lastly any suggestions on oil filter I hear 5 microns and so on..

    A mechanic I am not but have no issues with figuring things out or trying. I have added all my after market products (tfi, stage1) and all chrome accessories so a simple service should be easy! I hope?

    Thanks Tubguy
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    I kinda get the HD mechanics point but c'mon we don't use synthetic because we're starting our bikes in cold temps. I live in Alberta and don't ride on ice and snow!
    From the Mobil website "You can use them with confidence, knowing they will protect your bike in extreme situations where conventional motor oils simply can not stand up, including extended high-speed operation and prolonged idling in summertime traffic."
    I use Mobil 1 V-Twin full synthetic because it is a superior product.
    Yes the engine may be a little noisier, but my pipes are pretty darn loud so who cares.
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    Check out the Self Help Information and Tips. Read the Oil Related Tips. Lots of good info. You can completely change the oil. An engine flush is easy to do.
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    How in the world could an oil make the engine louder. Sounds like the dealer is trying to scare you into having them do a simple service. Mobil 1 is great for the engine but I would use Spectro 6 Speed oil for the tranny and Spectro Heavy Duty for the primary. This combo is a good one and I would stay away from synthetic in tranny and primary. I use Spectro Platinum Synthetic 20-50 for the engine but The Mobil 1 is also top quality. You have the right idea and the dealer is not being upfront with you, JMO. The only filter to use is the 5 micron from Harley.
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    Follow what is stated in the manual and you will have no problems.
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    There's thinking outside the box!

    I'm taking $10,000 in aftermarket parts that made my Dyna 200% better off my bike and going all OEM.

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    I have read some posts of increased engine noise from various people claiming their engines were noisier using (Mobil 1, Amsoil, Spectro, HD Syn3)syn oil and they changed to another brand of syn oil (Mobil 1, Amsoil, Spectro, HD Syn3) and the noise decreased or was eliminated. The noise was most likely there all along.
    It really comes down to rider preference or perceived differences in engine noise. I use M1 without hesitation and believe it to be a high quality product.

    When riding in 100+ deg of the Okanagon or starting up in the frosty spring/fall chill of the prairies, you'll appreciate the protection a syn oil offers. Yes, you can 'get by' using dino oil. Lots do without any problems.

    If you can figure out how to do aftermarket add-ons, you should be able to do your own service. Just take it slow and follow the factory service manual. If you don't have a factory service manual, get one quick. It'll save you great coin and be an invaluable tool to help you maintain and get to know your ride.

    Any other questions or guidance you may need can be had just by browsing the Self Help Tip section and asking the great members of this site.:newsmile108:

    I really don't think that's what he was infering Bigfoot. It's fantastic if you have the mechanical aptitude and prowess to perform mods to your bike.:small3d028: But for us that are a little (make that alot) less confident in our abilities to perform those mods, the service manual is the place to start. And, as we build our confidence and knowledge, we too may get to the stage you are at.:newsmile108:
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    Just having a little fun and making a point.
    The manual is not the end-all be-all of motorcycle maintenance.
    I have only been able to accomplish much of what I have by asking questions and getting answers on this forum. Keep searching for better ways and you will find them. The manual will tell you to use HD oil ONLY! And while the manual is a good base of knowledge and a necessity, it not the last word.
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    This is what I do: Oil filter and gasket kit for the 3 drain plugs and derby cover are purchased ay dealer. Mobil 1 and Spectro for trans and primary. Plugs are rec to be changed at next service. Your owners manual will be helpful in showing what is due....
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    I say one thing only,as a NON expert.......check the fuzz on the oil drain plugs! Syns(includeing syn3 )NO FUZZ! Dino's,regardless of additives...FUZZ!!
    I am told the fuzz is actually pieces of your motor! Seals the deal for me!