MMI motorcycle school after retirement

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  1. Mavagrand

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    I've got apx 4 years till I plan on retiring. In preparing, I contacted the above school inquiring about prices/schedule. They have a campus nearby (Orlando), their classes are for 60 weeks at a cost of 25k. Holy cow, I had no idea it would be this expensive. Anyone have any experience with this school? Is it worth the cost?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I have a very good friend who attended the classes in Arizona, He is the head tech @ Duluth HD in Duluth MN. He said it is a very strict program with job placement when you are done. Spendy indeed but if that is your passion I say go for it, and IMO I would take ALL the courses on old models These guys are hard to find and will make you money in the long run. Remember there is alot of old iron out there and it is a dying breed, young wrenchers seem not interested in fixing them JMO
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    Are you going to do this for a second career? If your are I can't think of a better place for the training. Are you ready to compete with much younger people for the limited jobs or are you thinking of opening your own shop? We are all hoping the economy takes a turn for the better in the next 3 to 5 years, but the leisure industry is historically the last part of the economy that sees the upswing.
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    I got accepted there back in 05 when i first came back to Virginia but due to my mother getting more sickly she was 80 then. now shes 87. I couldn't leave her alone and so there went my dream , they even found me a job while in school and a apartment that i could share or rent alone and told me that i qualified for a grant to pay for it all, man was I excited but we all have to sacrifice for the ones we love . check on grants they might still be around then.
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    Try Wyotech in Ormond Beach it's less money, but the guys in the Harley program are top notch. Kurt Heinrich is the everything Harley engine instructor and when you go through his class you really get to know the engine.