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Mixing Brake Fluids


BOT Machine
HD DOT 5 Brake Fluid is sold with the following disclaimer: "Fits all models (except '05-later Touring models, '06-later VRSC™, Dyna®, Softail® and '07 Sportster® models)

HD DOT 4 Brake Fluid is sold with this disclaimer: "Fits '05-later Touring and '06-later VRSC™, Dyna® and Softail® and '07 Sportster® models.".

DOT 5.1 (glycol base) can be used (mixed) with the other NON DOT 5 fluids without a problem but I prefer to use the fluid that was the original factory fill .

Police bikes have been using the DOT 4 because of the ABS brake system.

Mixing of the DOT 5 (silicone) with any of the other DOT brake fluids (glycol based) will cause jelling in the brake system and will need a complete overhaul with dis assembly and flushing of all related parts and replacement of any affected seals.