Mirror with cracked lense

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    I have "mirror with Auxillary Running Light & Directional Indicator" H/D part # 92059-07A. A lens is cracked and one of the bulbs is out and the lens is blackened in that area. Can you replace the lens? How does the lens come off? The dealer tells me that I would have to buy a new set of mirror (cost $299.95). It will bother me to know that I have a damage part on my motor that is noticeable in the dark. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    re: Mirror with cracked lense

    I'm not familiar with that piece but if it is fairly new, my guess it is not serviceable.
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    re: Mirror with cracked lense

    I agree with Bodeen. I don't see how you could get just the mirror out without possibly breaking it to get at the bulb and lens behind it. It must be an led meant to last a very long time otherwise there would be a clear way to take it apart for service on the bulb. Unfortunately I think a new set of mirrors is in order and assume you can't by it as a single unit. Otherwise you're looking at replacing those with regular mirrors and a set of turn signals which would be just as much if not more. I have seen similar aftermarket combination mirror/turn signals for less than $300.
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    re: Mirror with cracked lense

    Look at the installation instructions. (Parts counter can print you out a copy).

    Generally any serviceable/replaceable part is listed in the instructions, along w/PN. If you can order just one mirror, the PN will be listed.
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    re: Mirror with cracked lense

    Thanks you all for taking the time to offer your comments. These mirrors were add ons from H/D, not stock, so I assume my extended warranty will not cover them, but it is worth checking into. I do have the installation instructions and there is no indication that the signal/light lens can be removed and a bulb replaced. The dealer said they can't and that the bulbs are all one unit and you can't replace an individual bulb. There is a stock number for a solo mirror, so I will check that alternative. Thanks again. I am impressed by the responses I got.