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    what threads are the Harley fatboy mirrors .. s.a.e. or metric . Buddy is going to buy after market mirrors and wants to make sure they will work
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    Does it matter?
    I just put some split-vision mirrors on and they come with the needed nuts.
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    On most metric bikes the mirror mount points are threaded so you would need the correct thread size for your bike
    On Harleys the mirror mount points are smooth the mirror threaded area needs to be of the correct size to go through the mount holes and long enough to allow the fitting of a nut to the bottom end to secure it with

  4. sportster 2001

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    i have a question for you

    if you get a cheap mirror and use some offbrand cleaner (not generic windex or not spray-nine)

    do you think the mirroring might start flaking or the cheap chroming might come off ? cheap plastic-crome'ed stuff starts flaking in 2 yrs even if expertly cared for, did you know ?

    buy OEM. when cleaning don't use unusual cleaners. don't rub dirt into it, rinse off first

    you'll save money by not having to pay to replace the thing multiple times and it will look allot better

    a cheap mirror might break when you tighten it or even fall off - you'd be left not passing inspection going down road no mirror

    cheap? it will start moving around. you tighten. 1wk later happens again. tighten finally it breaks just after warranty.
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