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mini apes (softtail deluxe)


My husband is considering putting mini apes on his '06 deluxe, he has been talking with Hill Country Customs, and they provide a complete handlebar switch wiring package, has any one utilized this company in the past, or has anyone changed out their handlebars and can give any advice.
I have the HD mini Apes....But had HD do the wiring...I got em for comfort and bein my reach is short...seem easier to handle..Good Luck.
careful, Apes are addicting! A little taller always seem like the right move! reminds me of sitting in my grandpas chair when I was little. Feels right at home!
I'm 6'3" and have ridden bikes with mini-apes. I was surprised at how the handling of the bike was uncompromised. The tall apes are crazy, but the mini's seem ok. No higher than the shoulder. Good luck.
HDGal, I'm probably a little late on this thread but....I actually bought the 13" apes with complete kit, chrome housings, switches, cables, electricals all ready to go from "Hill Country Custom Cycles". I thought they were great; very careful packaging (didn't just throw it a box), ran all wires as advertised, good customer service too (spoke to a Robert). I do want to mention, though a lot of the work is already done, some know-how is definitely required to complete the "installation"...And yes, the others are right, a little more "ape" would've been better. I should have gone for 16"s:bigsmiley8:
I've put one of these package daels on one of my bikes (16") and it was very easy. To blead the brake its best to take the caliper off and hold it nice and high. Good luck with it.
thank you for replying you were the first that was familiar with the company, he ended up buying chubby's and as is currently waiting on his cables. he went with the 12 1/2 with 1 1/2 risers.
which gives him 14", hopefully he will be happy with that! because i'm needing things for my bike now.
I have 12" apes with 4" risers and I LOVE it!!! I would like to change it up a little though. I would like to get 2" risers and 16" Apes, wouldn't change height too much (2 inches), but it would change the look a lot. I just have a hard time finding 2" risers for a springer.