mini ape bars vs curver risers

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    Hi everyone, :D
    For those of you who responded to my last thread r/t my riding issues my most heartfelt gratitude!
    I, now, have another question. I ride an 09 nightster with stock handlebars. My short little self is a bit shy of properly reaching my handlebars which, it seems, is contributing to some of my difficulties with stopping (trying to reach and use the front break and therefore pulling my bars slightly to the right...consequently my bike lean and so on) and sometimes turning.
    I guess my choices to correct this is the mini ape bars (not really fond of the look and concerned they may be more difficult to steer) or the type of riser that also has the curve in it to bring the bars closer to me. I could use a couple of inches of in and up for an optimal fit.
    Any thoughts...
    Pynki ,

    I guess I also have this question. I know I would need to have the clutch, throttle, brake cables replaced with the mini apes. Would I need to do that with a two inch up and toward me riser?
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    I posted on your other thread before seeing this one. My wife had similar problems with her bike. We wound up putting on risers that were 2" up and 3" back. The difference made a huge positive difference in her riding comfort. The change does make it look more like the bike has mini-apes.
    We did have to change out the cables for longer ones.

    In some instances, you may be able to use the stock cables and simply run them behind the triple tree.

    You might check out, their phat risers are pretty nice, depending on the look you're going for.
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    Thanks TXMikey
    I have decided to get a riser that is 2 inches up and 1 1/2 forward. I was talking to a teck from P W Cycles and he said I would not need to replace the cables with this riser. It has got to help if not fix my problem. If not I will just have to save up to get the cables replaced.
    Much appreciated help!

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    Just in case you need wiring & control cables to extend without cutting, go to J&P Cycles website...they have kits in 4 inch increments.