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    Curious to see what other guys are getting for mileage out of there touring models. I have a 2001 Electra Glide Classic, 18,000 miles, Vance and Hines true duals, Screamin Eagle air cleaner and a Power Commander. After riding with my brother yesterday I thought it was strange how much better he was doing for mileage than me. He has a 2003 Road King Classic, 45,000 miles, Vance and Hines Big Shot duals, same air cleaner and V&H fuel pack. I had to fuel twice, with the fuel light coming on with about 150 miles on it (both times). He said he has never really checked his but at the first fuel up he used a gallon less than me (I put in 3.9). At the end of the ride he was still a little over half tank and I was around a quarter. I've had my light come on as low as 130 before. Seems strange that his Road King would get that many more miles out of tank than my Electra.
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    I can get 160 miles before my fuel light comes on. about 40 mpg. and thats at interstate speeds. doing 55-60 mph i can get 46 mpg on my 03 ultra with a stage one.

    my dad can get 54 mph on his 94 tour glide. i don't understand.
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    My 99 road king gets around 43 mpg have stage 1 intake pipes and power commander. My light comes on when I still have around 1.5 gallons in the tank which is usually at 130-140 miles.
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    Unless you are pulling into a gas station at the time the low fuel light comes on, and can verify it performs consistently over several fuelings, it is a bit of a rubber yardstick. If you go 4 miles after the lite comes on one time, and 18 miles the next, you will find a different amount to re-fill the tank each time. The only fair, consistent results will come from miles traveled/gas added to full and divide. You know you have 5 gallons of gas, you can then figure your range to a dry tank. I'd hope to never need to test that. If you are the curious one, you may have to calculate your brother's mileage and yours if he doesn't care, but then you'll have your answer.

    Were you 2 up and was he solo? At what pressure do you each keep your tires. Do you have different types of windshields and/or lowers? Who was leading and who was having to alternately catch up and slow down? How new are the spark plugs for each machine? Has either of you recently serviced his air filter? I am not familiar with the power commander so I don't know if they both have the same canned program or if they are customer adjustable and his is different from yours. As you can see, there are lots of variables which might influence economy figures out of otherwise well matched bikes.
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    08 Stock Ultra Classic. Out on the road at the speed limit, or so I've gotten 45 - 51.......riding hard in a stiff headwind can drat it down to 38 - 39. Around town, 40 - 42.
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    01 ultra k&n af,28n cams,power commander stock mufflers (for now) depending on how i run it. 1 up 37-40 mpg,2 up 35-38 mpg
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    Since my wife got me the REDA gas can a while back, I am much less worried about pushing the limits. I usually go around 170+ mile on a tank adding over 5 gals when I fill up. This is my daily use miles/gal. which is a mix of highway and surface riding. I think I could push to 180 most times. My idiot light comes on when the fuel gauge is in the Empty band. About where it should.

    My mileage is creeping up on 34 3/4 mpg. Looks good.


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    btsom: covered most of it, but you can only compare apples to apples by calculating MPG after you fill the tank back to the top on both bikes. One more factor, are you both putting the same grade of fuel in? If you do this and he is still getting the best of you by that much, go back to the post above, especially the tire pressure. Maybe the tuner then. It really surprises me how much members differ greatly in fuel mileage.
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    2008 Ultra Classic Electra Glide, stock, use 93 octane fuel I get 190 - 210 to and from work, solo state highway and in town, when cruising 2 up, loaded, on vacation on interstate at highway speeds, 230 - 252. 252 has been the highest mileage I have had when the idiot light came on. Usually, when I stop right away for fuel, it takes 4.8 - 5 gallon. I don't ride that hard and use cruise when not in town.
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    41 to 43 mpg on our 08 ultra classic, almost always 2 up riding with stock pipes, SE air clean , stock pipes and V&H fuelpak... running only 93 octane, like clock work the lite comes on at around 205 to 210 miles