mikey47 W/carb problem

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  1. mikey47

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    anybody have a rough rule of thumb for variance between the pilot jet and the main jet on a keihin 46mm butterfly carb. above 2000 the engine is fantastic. below that it's an entirely different story. it was fine until a carb cleaning and while the carb was apart on the work bench, my granddaughter decided to clean the work area by putting all the jets, O-rings and screws back into my assortment boxes. I just can't seem to get the pilot jetting right.
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    Any mods to the motor? AC, exhaust, cams, head work?
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, have a look here Harley Davidson Forums There is more info in the self help section under carbs:s
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    Jack has you covered pretty well in the above link. If you removed the Idle Mixture Screw make sure that the proper o-ring and washer are back on it. They are easy to LOOSE. Don't ask how I know this(lol).
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    :p Very good advice, been there too, if you need to go more than 2 1/2 turns out Be Careful and or re jet:s
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    and if you think you've lost the O-ring, check the hole in the carb to make sure it didn't come off the mixture screw and get stuck in there.
    don't ask how I know this either :D