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I was at my local dealership last night, and the service manager happened to be having a smoke in front of the area where I parked my bike. From a distance of 10 to 15 feet he told me that I needed a new front tire and, upon closer examination, he determined that I also needed new front and rear brake pads. It's been about 8,000 miles since getting new tires and brake pads, and in my opinion, I have plenty of tread and pad left, but he was working on the safety angle; as in "I'd sure hate to see you wreck this bike. I declined both, but wonder if this is common at other dealerships, and what a good rule of thumb is for tire and pad replacement in terms of mileage, tread depth, and pad thickness. I'm sure this information is listed in the manuals and has been covered here before, but I'd wouldn't mind seeing again and hearing some opinions.

hi bensim,

Visit harley-davidson official site and search for dealers in KS, IA, MO. Note the phone numbers and give each of them a ring and ask what they have and how much.