"Mid" Foot Pegs

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    Hello everybody:)

    This is the first year my daughter (5) has been able to really ride with me, and she absolutely loves it! I use to drop her off in the car, then come back and get bike to go to work. Now I tell her that if she wants to ride in the mornings, she has to be "ready to ride". She is in full gear by the time I even get out of the shower....lol, she loves it!

    The problem we have has is her short, short legs, I mean she is only 5 after all. I don't want to drill into the frame or anything, so am wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to attach or rig up some pegs for her. I thought about some duct tape with some old telephone books:s but don't wanna be that girl. :newsmile011:

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! At the moment she either puts them on top of the shocks, or bends them back over the rear blinkers.

  2. glider

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    You may be able to hook up a set of highway pegs with the clamps the attach them to the highway bar and mount them to the frame with a different clamp that is smaller.

    Expensive Kuryakyn but adjustable.$138
    ACCESSORIES INTERNATIONAL SINCE 1998: Kuryakyn Longhorn Offsets And Dually ISO-Pegs Quick Clamps


    Or this type which is cheaper but less adjustable and with a little work could be mounted to the frame.
    $31 here
    MC Enterprises- O-Ring Foot Pegs w/Standard U-Clamp [210] : XtremeBargains!, Parts, Apparel & Accessories

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    Thanks Glider!! I thjink this would work perfect....brain storming I am! ;)
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    Do I hear mini bike in the future? Congratulation for schooling her on the proper way to dress. Glider's idea is a very good one. If difficulty mounting pegs, you might be able to install a rear spill bar and then attach pegs to bars.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    That is pretty cool, My son started riding with me at age 5, he could not reach the floor boards on my Bagger so he rested his feet on the rear crash bar:s