mid control shaft removal?????

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    I am planing to put forward controls on my 08 fxd.is there a site that offers a detailed instructions?I am new to the wonderful world of harley and want to do it myself and dont want to screw it up.IM NOT TAKEN A HACKSAW TO IT!
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    When I went to forward controls with my '06 FXDLI, I had the problem with the mid-control shaft too. I found a website that suggested rotating the shift linkage clockwise and pushing the shaft back through the primary until you can wedge the upper end of the linkage behind a bolt on the engine. The shaft ended up flush with the outer primary case. I covered the shaft end and opening in the primary with a piece of metallic foil tape cut to the size of a nickel. Later I bought a round HD emblem (about the size of a quarter) that stuck with an adhesive backing over the opening and shaft end. It has been there for a couple of years with no problem. Hope this helps.