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Metzler 200 installed



I just installed a Metzler 880 200ZR50/18 on my stock B. It's a tight fit but it went in without any modification or rubbing.

That Dunlop with the cut in it also had a nail so now I'm leaning to the sabotage theory.

earsha welcome to hdtimeline.

I was leaning towards the 200 but I just returned from Faaker am See in Austria where I seen alot of V-Rods with 240's on the original rims. I don't know how they did it, but talking to them, they said they didn't change anything. I did notice they all took their belt guards and debri shields off. I am looking into maybe trying to squeeze a Dunlop 220 in there. Anyone else tried a 240 or 220 on the stock rims? Did you have to lose the saddle bag support? Just curious..I am still baffled about the 240 with all OEM Parts still intacked.


I also installed the same tire on my 2003. The 200 series without any modifications at all. However, You will begin to see small black plastic bits in the rim on the belt drive side. You will have to knotch the lower gaurd where the tire sidewall comes very close to it. During a static position check, you will have clearance but under dynamic loading and turns, the tire will flex a certain amount and may contact the lower gaurd. Just a small knotch to allow the tire to roll a small amount. just keep an aya out for the small black plastic shavings on the rim.