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    That "met on the Internet" line was classically used by a good riding buddy of mine a few years back, as we followed the Ohio side of the Ohio River westward. The circumstances under which Buddah came up with it was priceless ... On our way to a rally in Paducah, I got pulled over by an Ohio State Trooper. Buddah pulled over with me and that impressed the bugeezus out of this trooper. A friend pulling over and sticking with a buddy like that. Eventually he noticed the plates, mine from Ontario and Buddah's being from Maryland. So the State Trooper asked that fateful question "how did you guys meet?" ... Now you've got to picture this ... Buddah looks an awful lot like Jim Belushi ... so without missing a beat when the cop asked the question, Buddah put his arm around me, started batting his eyes and in his best swishy voice said ... "the Internet" ... Well, that trooper almost died laughing ... Me too.
    BTW, when the laughing finally ended, the Trooper just told us to slow down and sent us on our way. Good Trooper that one.
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    That is great! :) Glad things worked out.
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    Quick thinking on your Bros part
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    That might not of worked if you were in Kentucky:5: