Messy Clutch Adjustment?

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by PeteRock, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I'm looking to do a clutch pack adjustment. I've read many threads, self help section,etc,etc
    I'm very confident in making this simple adjustment, UNTILL I start to open up the derby cover and oil starts pouring out. So I quickly (and nervously) slam cover closed and tighten it back down. Minimal mess No biggie. So now the question is.... Should I have not tryed to prefromed this adjustment with the bike on the side stand? Do I have to drain primary fuild some to remove derby cover? Is my primary over filled? What is the correct level for my 1994 FXSTC? I'm sorry about the lame question. My manual will be here Tuesday and I don't want to miss out on nice riding weekend. But I don't want to be riding around with possibly over filled primary.
    Thanks, Pete
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    The oil level should be up to the bottom of the clutch shell with the bike upright and level. You should be able to open up the derby cover with no oil coming out like this. You may try putting some wood under the side stand if you don't have a lift. You may also want to drain and verify the amount in the primary too. Do a service on it if it could use one to become familiar with the operation.

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    On my FXDS 1997, i would have the derby cover off and My bike Leaned well over on the stand and NO oil would come out (close as my stand was a wee bent).... Straight up and touching like glider said should do it... Sounds like way too much oil.. I would drain then put in the proper amount while being Held straight up..

    Seems it was close to the top of the derby cover lip bottom while on the kickstand...(ON MY BIKE)

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    Ok so yes bike is/was cold. Today I put a piece of 2x under kick stand and the bike still leans :shock
    I took off inspection cover first figuring it was higher up and I could possibly look at level from there at the same time check my chain.
    All being good I removed derby cover and all is good. I checked a friends manual for his 5speed. My oil level Might be slight bit high 1 or 2oz Maybe. Not being 100% sure I left it alone for now. Following self help I adjusted allen set screw 1/2 turn out from lightly touching in.(loosened the cable adjuster first of coarse) After Basket adjustment was done put it back toghther and then readjusted the cable end play to 1/16''ish, and bam it popped right into neutral cold without rolling perfect :bigsmiley8:
    Now my bike is/was always Very hard to find netural I mean next to impossible at a dead stop. When I'm riding along and slowing down to stop. It will then go into neutral while rolling.
    I take it for a ride and everything seems ok at my first light it slides into neutral with ease. However my next stop and it was like a switch, couldn't get it into neutral :bigsmiley19: The rest of the ride it was like it used to be. Would only go in while rolling. So I came home and took all end play out of cable (which I don't feel comfortable with), Pop right into neutral. Take it for a ride and same ol' same ol'. Very fustrating So what do you all think? I may have bad/streched cable? Screwed up trans? Can I adjust the basket a quater turn one way or the other. Oh yea the clutch grabs about 5/8'' - 3/4'' off handle on the inner part of the lever.
    Thanks, Pete
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    Reset everything back to spec adjustment wise. Then think about replacing trans oil with Spectro brand oil and replace primary fluid with Harley Formula + or Spectro primary oil. If clutch is working great while riding I wouldn't concentrate on the neutral thing unless stopped. Though primary fluid overfilled may cause improper clutch operation....
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    You need more free travel than that, you may have a stretched cable IMO